How to love your body

There are very few people on this Earth who are completely happy with their bodies. Whether it’s your nose, boobs, bum or skin everyone has at least one hang up that they just can’t seem to get over. Even when I feel great I have hang ups too. I recently went from eating too much sugar over Christmas and skipping my workouts, to getting back into my gym routine and eating healthily. So I feel fantastic, but that doesn’t mean I am 100% happy with what I see in the mirror and I know you aren’t either because unfortunately we are all too hard on ourselves by focusing on the negative. I’m going to give you some tips on how you can learn to love your body (I’m embracing them too). It won’t be overnight, but give it time and you will love your unique beauty that no one else has!

1. Don’t compare yourself to others

It’s much easier said than done but if you learn to stop comparing your body to other people’s you’ll realise that you can be happy in your own skin. Okay so you see a woman who is slimmer than you and has small thighs that you want so badly, but there are also lots of other body shapes in the world too and a lot of people rock what they have whether it’s big thighs or small boobs. When I go to the gym I always see some super slim, hot, toned girls and although I used to wish I was like them, I now remember that everyone’s body is different for a reason and it’s silly to compare yourself to others because we all have completely different lives, food intake, exercise routines, stress levels and so on. Maybe those girls are in the gym 7 days a week and eat like sparrows! They’re probably not happy in their own bodies either.


2. Eat a bit healthier

I know I know it’s another lecture about eating healthier, but this isn’t so much about losing weight (unless that is your goal) but more about feeling amazing in yourself. Trust me it makes a huge difference as I have found within the last two years when I started focusing on eating nutritious food. You can search online for healthy alternatives to your favourite comfort foods like chocolate, pasta and pizza so that you cut down on the fat or sugar without feeling like you’re missing out. Healthy food fuels you for the day instead of leaving you feeling groggy, makes you feel good that you haven’t indulged, and generally makes you feel more positive about yourself because you know you are eating something that’s good for your body. You’re likely to lose weight aswell if you cut out the treats and pick healthier options, and of course if you lose weight in those problem areas that you hate then you’ll love it!


3. Exercise 

If you’re not used to exercising start off slowly, by doing a home workout once or twice a week. There are millions of videos on YouTube where you can do easy or hard workouts in the comfort of your living room. Don’t get a gym membership if you hate the gym, because you won’t keep it up. Go for a walk in your lunch break instead of sitting down and eating, or choose the stairs instead of the lift. Little changes will make a big difference and all exercise releases endorphins in your brain which make you feel happy afterwards. If you progress to more intense exercise you’ll get more toned and feel great in your body as exercise also helps with stress, depression and anxiety.


4. Unfollow some people

If like me you follow lots of fitness fanatics on social media (Instagram is the worst culprit) you’ll scroll through your feed every day and see a constant stream of mega fit, toned women with ‘perfect’ bodies who eat kale and quinoa. Start unfollowing some of those people. Keep one or two for motivation, but if all you see are ‘perfect’ looking bodies all the time it knocks your self confidence and we feel even more pressure to look like those people. I unfollowed some people lately, even celebrities in the fitness industry, because they tend to only put out the good things about their lives and not the bad, so you feel like your own life or body is rubbish in comparison. This links with point number 1!


5. Give yourself a compliment every day

This pretty much coincides with not comparing yourself to others because you need to reiterate to yourself why you are beautiful, not why you’re not as beautiful as someone else. When you look in the mirror every morning, pick out one thing that you like about yourself whether it’s your eyes, your legs or your bum, and just focus on that rather than focusing on your hang ups. If you keep thinking about how beautiful that part of your body is, you’ll feel better and over time you will look at the negative less and less. Personally I’m not a huge fan of my hips because I want them to be smaller, but instead of getting caught up on that I think about how good my bum looks in certain jeans or how toned my stomach gets after a workout. Positivity breeds positivity, so you’ll feel better about life in general and stress levels will decrease!


I promise you if you stick to these steps you really will notice a difference in your body but also your mental health aswell. Just remember that no two people on this earth have exactly the same bodies, we are all unique and so we should love who we are and strut our stuff every day!


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