My Hollywood Holiday: Part 3

American food is crazy. The good kind of crazy. That’s the simplest way to describe it, but let me elaborate. Americans are far more experimental when it comes to food and shops sell all sorts of flavour combinations and products we can’t get in the UK. You’ve heard of Chips Ahoy cookies right? You can get them in most supermarkets. But what you can’t get in UK supermarkets are American flavours like Red Velvet, S’mores and Reese’s. It’s clear that food = fun in the US, which is why I had so much fun eating!


The first breakfast I had in Hollywood, was at IHOP (International House of Pancakes). Unfortunately we don’t have IHOP in the UK and it’s been my dream for a long time to go there, because pancakes are my thing. On our first morning, when the waiter handed us our menus, it was so hard to pick which pancakes to have because there were so many delicious flavours. In the end I chose the Raspberry & White Chocolate Chip four stack and oh my word they were amazing. Very very sweet and sickly, but amazing. The other joys I experienced at IHOP came in the form of Cinnamon Roll French toast (the tastiest thing I’ve ever eaten) and a Salted Caramel & Banana waffle-croissant hybrid. IHOP is literally a breakfast-lovers dream come true.

img_4584When me and mum went out for lunches and dinners we quickly realised that barbecue is the main flavour on the menu. Almost everything consists of barbecue sauce, not that I was complaining, but that of course makes food salty and addictive. On Hollywood Blvd there’s a great place called Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar where the food is delicious and especially good if you’re starving because the portions are so big. Just a note, I don’t recommend it for the atmosphere or the cleanliness because it was quite messy and disorganised but the staff are super friendly and the food was awesome. When my pulled pork open sandwich arrived it was topped with so much pork and coleslaw I couldn’t even see the bread! I was starving at the time so it was just what I needed. As I expected fries come with pretty much everything in restaurants, so it’s no wonder I started to feel a bit podgier as time went on.

img_4208One of the things I miss most about LA are the diners. Diners are typically 1950’s and 60’s style America and one in particular in Hollywood called Mel’s Drive-In, was exactly what I imagined a diner would look like – basically an image I’d formed from watching Grease too many times. Diners, in comparison to restaurants, are much more laid back and have a nostalgia to them which makes you feel like you’ve just stepped into a time warp back to the Golden Age of Hollywood. The staff are much friendlier than we encounter in the UK – because you’re made to feel welcome, smiled at constantly and always have your coffee topped up without even asking. That’s thanks to Latinos, as they make up a huge proportion of the LA population and were the friendliest people we met on our holiday, always laughing and making conversation.

img_4557Ever tried a chocolate bar with crisps in it? How about chocolate and bacon? No? Well you need to get to the US fast. Plus the Cheesecake Factory is waiting for you and with about 30 different types of cheesecake to choose from, it’s more than worth going to LA for. Check out the slideshow of our foodie adventures below, and try not to get too hungry 😛

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