What happens after you land your dream job?

I get paid to review food. Sounds like the dream job right? Well it pretty much is, although there is more to my job than that, but until a month ago it was just a dream as I was working my way through one customer service job after another.

Finally after two interviews with this company, I got the call to say I’d been offered the job as Editor of two websites. For the curious amongst you (and for a shameless plug) they’re studentworldonline.com and 365bath.com. They are two great websites, and I can honestly say I’ve never been happier. But when you’ve spent your whole life working hard to achieve the dream, and pinning your happiness on that dream, it can be a bit of an anti climax once you’ve got it.

Getting a new job = updating your Linkedin profile. This did make me happy.

Don’t get me wrong, the job is awesome, but now that I’ve got my dream job and I get up to go to the office every day to do the normal 9-5 shifts, it’s not a dream anymore; now it’s my every day reality. The thrill of the dream wears off once it’s no longer a dream, so your mind goes in search of something else to try and achieve. When you’re overly ambitious, like I am, you’re always looking for something else to achieve and something else that you think will make you happier.

Besides, although I’m hugely grateful at getting to do what I love every day (for those who don’t know it took me three years to get this job since finishing my Masters degree), once I got the job I quickly realised that it didn’t make me completely happy. Now I’ve ticked ‘get my dream job’ off my life’s to do list, I now want to work on other parts of my life that I want to change like ‘get a boyfriend’ and ‘travel the world’. All the single ladies put your hands up! Wohoho!

Ideally Mr Efron would be my boyfriend but that’s a dream that will stay a dream.

So if you’re striving to get your ideal job, or any other dream you have, just bear in mind that it won’t fix all your problems when you do get it. I don’t want you to get your hopes up too much. But on the plus side it will of course feel amazing once the hard work has paid off.

It’s a shame that some of us never feel totally happy because we always want more and more, but I look at it as striving to have the best life possible and what’s wrong with that? As my idol Walt Disney once said: “If you can dream it you can do it”, so don’t you forget it.


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