Top 10 foods for healthy glowing skin


downloadEggs are rich in omega fatty acids, vitamin A, collagen building protein and pigments that help to protect skin against the ageing affects of UV rays. Don’t overcook your eggs though as this will diminish most of their nutrients, so boil or poach them in order to reap the skin-loving rewards.


2. Apricots


This humble fruit contains high levels of vitamin A which helps to clear your skin and even promotes eye health. They also contain copper which has recently been linked to better looking skin as it’s started to be included in expensive skincare products. Dried or fresh these little babies pack a nutritional punch.


3. Blackberries

16098-a-container-of-spilled-blackberries-pvThanks to the antioxidant found in these berries, ellagic acid, they can help repair the damage caused to skin from over exposure to UV rays. They also prevent the breakdown of collagen which means skin keeps its elasticity and suppleness. Once you’ve bought a punnet eat them within a couple of days before they lose their nutrients, or better yet pick your own!


4. Liver

download (1)Not one you might of expected but liver is absolutely chock full of vitamins. An amazing source of protein and vitamin A, liver promotes healthy skin and eyes. To get the most benefits opt for lambs’ or calves’ liver and make sure it is free range or organic as it’ll also contain lots of omega-3 fatty acids.




5. Sweet potato

download (2)This amazingly versatile superfood not only tastes like a treat but one potato contains more than your daily allowance of beta carotene! Your body converts beta carotene into vitamin A so as you might have guessed it promotes a healthy glow to your skin. And as if it couldn’t get any better sweet potatoes also fight free radicals in your body that age your skin and can lead to illnesses.


6. Peaches and nectarines

Autumn_Red_peachesYou might think I’m cheating here but peaches and nectarines are practically sisters so it’s only right they are merged as one. Both are great sources of vitamin C which is essential to boost the production of collagen. They also contain antioxidants that, much like sweet potatoes, help fight free radicals. Eat them before they go too ripe otherwise they lose some of these awesome benefits.


7. Coconut oil

7651679180_bf6b3a2fef_oThere are endless ways you can use coconut oil to help your body, but apart from eating it the best thing to do for your skin is to put it straight on your face. It’s known to fight the bacteria that causes acne and you can either use it as a moisturiser, a mask or mix with oats to create a sweet smelling scrub. Go for Virgin coconut oil over any others because you’ll know it hasn’t been chemically altered or treated.



8. Avocado

download (3)The natural oils, healthy fats and vitamins are fantastic at giving your skin a boost. It can be used as a face mask to put those essential fatty acids back into dull or dry skin, plus it helps to stave off inflammation. The flesh closest to the skin has the most nutritional benefit so be careful when peeling them.


9. Seeds

sunflower-seeds-537652_960_720Although all seeds are incredibly good for you sesame and sunflower seeds are particularly good at improving your skin thanks to their high levels of vitamin E. Vitamin E is another in the long line of awesome antioxidants that helps to protect your skin cells from damage.


10. Watercress

3313732669_28570395b5_oThis under-estimated salad leaf is rich in sulphur which actually detoxes your skin. It detoxifies by helping the protein to absorb into your skin, purifies and builds healthy cells. To get the most out of it buy organic so that it won’t have as many harmful bacteria, and eat within 5 days.


There you have it. The top 10 foods that can not only help skin conditions but also get you a healthy glow all year round. The power of nature!



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