How to turn new year’s resolutions into life goals

I hate that old cliché, ‘new year new you’ but as much as I hate its cheesiness, the 1st of January is inevitably the day when you feel you want to change your ways.

Whether it’s to quit smoking, work harder, join a gym, eat healthier or even just to see family more often, new year’s resolutions rarely stick. Why? Because you think about them as short term goals, something to hold onto at least until January 31st because that’s when the ‘new year’ is over. Because when you make a list of the things you want to change about yourself or your life, it feels like you’ve already achieved something. Plus, once the thrill of this has worn off and life goes back to the way it was before the craziness of Christmas, you fall back to the same old habits.

So instead of succumbing to creating pointless resolutions for 2016 why not make some life goals! If you have a resolution in mind, think of it in the long term and turn it into something that would enable you to improve yourself. For example the fact that you want to quit smoking or join a gym means you obviously have some desire to be healthier. So instead of thinking ‘quit smoking’ think ‘start going running with Kate’ (or whatever your bezzie’s name is). And also tell Kate that this is your goal! If you do this you’re more likely to stick to it because you won’t want to let her down and she might tell you off if you do. Once you start running you’ll feel better about yourself and in time you might not even want to smoke because you’ll want to keep getting fitter and healthier. This isn’t me talking a load of rubbish (though my friends would say I normally do), this is grounded in science. The chemical dopamine is released when you exercise which makes you feel amazing once you’ve done it and therefore can make it quite addictive. But this is the healthiest addiction you could have!

It’s also important to make your goals specific so that they don’t phase out. If you want to lose weight, don’t just write ‘lose weight’ on your resolutions list, make it a life goal by saying ‘I will lose x amount of weight in x amount of time’. That way you’ll have a target and you’ll naturally want to achieve that target because you’ve written it down and it appears set in stone (or set in paper, but that doesn’t sound as catchy.)

Think long term, be realistic, seek help and stay motivated. These things are key to creating and sticking to your new year’s life goals. Granted it’s not as catchy as ‘resolutions’, but hopefully one day it will catch on. Don’t forget, as a Customer Coach at MoveGB I’m passionate about helping people achieve their fitness goals and to stay motivated, so feel free to get in contact or leave a comment if you’d like some help 🙂

Happy New Year y’all.


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