Dear fit fam, here’s why you should indulge at Christmas time…

During the Christmas season everyone eats a bit more than they usually would, that’s normal. I thought that because I was so happy with my workout and healthy eating routine that I wouldn’t succumb to gorging on comfort food. Well I was wrong! I haven’t gone overboard by any means but after several hot chocolates at the legendary Bath Christmas Market, an xmas pudding for one and lashings of festive malt loaf, I am feeling a little on the porky side.

What I’ve come to realise is, and I hope will help you too, is that you should absolutely let loose if you want to and indulge during this season. Because as long as you don’t indulge every day and you still workout, you haven’t got much to worry about. Okay so you might put on a few pounds but you and I both know that you can lose it quickly because you’ve done it time and time again. Or what you could even do to take away some of the guilt you get from indulging is have fun baking some healthier versions of your favourite Christmas treats. I thought I’d give this a go by making Deliciously Ella’s healthy mince pies that are refined sugar and carb free, and they are even more delectable than generic mince pies, honestly!

Much to my surprise Deliciously Ella tweeted me saying ‘Yum! These look awesome’. Yay!

Plus don’t forget that if you do put on a few pounds it’s likely that it’s mostly, if not all, going to be water weight as your body retains water when you indulge (especially when you eat salty food). So when Christmas is over and you get back to your old routine, you’ll be back to your normal shape in no time.

I know you might be a bit paranoid about gorging but trust me it’s not worth feeling depressed at not being able to treat yourself, because your body won’t change so much that you won’t be able to get back into your skinny jeans come the new year. All year round you’ve been amazing at resisting the temptations of eating junk food on a daily basis, and at this time of year there are so many pretty looking boxes of biscuits and chocolates being flaunted to us in the shops that it’s even harder to resist. Give yourself a break and feel how awesome it is to treat yourself knowing that it’s not a normal occurrence.

I even gave this chocolate orange trifle a go after I’d seen it on This Morning. It’s insanely tasty and you can find the recipe here.

The new year is the typical time when everyone wants to be a new person and I can’t help but fall prey to this slightly annoying tradition. But think of the positive side, when January rolls around you can kick 2016 up the backside by working harder than ever and doing everything in your power to reach your fitness goals.

Move More Live More. Love from your coach at MoveGB aka journoSaf 😉

P.S Merry Christmas!



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