Review: Gino kicks off his Italian Escape tour in Roman city of Bath

Last night Gino D’Acampo launched his new Italian Escape tour to a packed venue in Bath. Scores of women (mainly over 50 years of age) crammed The Forum in anticipation for the much loved Italian stallion.

No one knew what to expect. We knew that of course there would be some cooking involved in the show but what else? Besides most of the audience, including myself, came just to see him in the flesh regardless of what he was going to be doing. I think most of us fans have been following his TV antics for quite a few years and just fell in love with the friendly, witty and down-to-earth person that he is.

Gino seemed to love the older couples! He got these two audience members on stage to help him with his starter dish. Photo taken by me.

Gino was accompanied by his right-hand man Karl who has worked on shows including XFactor, Strictly Come Dancing and Saturday Night Takeaway to name a few. Karl started off by asking the audience not to film the show, to which Gino said “Let them do what they want!” and with that, the light-hearted tone of the show was set. It was comments like these throughout the show (whether they were staged or not) that made you feel Gino was on your side and enjoyed your company. This was epitomised when he welcomed people onto the stage including a 70 year old who was celebrating her birthday with her daughter. They were brought on stage and Gino jokily shouted for one of his crew to make her a cup of tea with milk, no sugar. He then made the lovely lady’s night by giving her a big smacker on the lips! It’s this flippant and carefree personality of his that made the female audience swoon.

Although I didn’t get noticed by Gino during the show he did favourite my tweets afterwards.

Aside from his constant innuendos (that I blame on his TV co-star Keith Lemon) like “I’d hate to be an egg, you only get laid once and the only woman who ever sits on your face is your mother” he actually did make some fantastic dishes that were easy to follow. I won’t ruin the surprise by telling you what he made, but I will say that he doesn’t ignore the audience whilst he’s cooking. On the contrary he gets the audience members to help him, answers questions, and tests their foodie knowledge.

The audience never stopped laughing and this show, in my eyes, has secured his place as Britain’s most loved chef. I would definitely pay to see him again and I highly recommend buying a ticket if you want a fun night out with a difference!

See if there are any tickets left on Gino’s Italian Escape tour by clicking here.



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