World’s worst place to be a woman? Yes, without a doubt!

[Update: I’ve now launched my petition to force the government of Honduras to prosecute the men who are killing women every day. Please sign it by clicking here.]

Last night BBC Three really outdid themselves. At first glance the title ‘World’s worst place to be a woman?’ doesn’t suggest just how dangerous and downright hellish it is to be a woman in the country of Honduras. But nonetheless the BBC have produced this incredibly powerful, informative and emotive documentary that I’m in complete awe of.

Presenter Stacey Dooley did a fantastic job of investigating  exactly what it’s like for the women of Honduras, who get killed on a daily basis. One of the most common reasons men gave for killing their wives is because she cheated on him and so she ‘deserved it’. At this point my face mirrored that of Stacey’s; mouth dropped, eyes wide, complete disbelief. But it’s true. Men think it’s okay and normal to kill their wives for being unfaithful and do you know what the worst part is? Only about 5% of all murder cases against women actually result in the criminal going to jail. So of course, the government are letting all these criminals roam the streets freely, practically saying “It’s okay to kill women, we don’t care because we’re on your side”.

Courtesy of BBC

The killing of women is so common in Honduras that they have actually coined the term ‘femicide’. Just the fact that this term exists means something isn’t right. I’m just baffled as to where this all began… why has it become commonplace for women and girls to be murdered and treated like scum?

And if that wasn’t enough, rape is even more common than murder. Stacey met a doctor in a seriously busy hospital where girls as young as nine years old had been raped. The female doctor said unfortunately this is all too common because the government have (of course) made abortion and the morning-after pill illegal. How convenient for the men! So what can happen is that a girl can be put in prison for six years if she’s caught trying to escape the clutches of early parenthood, by aborting her child, but the man who acted on his vile sexual urges and raped her will be allowed to walk free. How twisted is that? These beautiful young girls are forced to go ahead with pregnancies when they probably don’t even understand what rape is. It’s so hard to believe in this modern day that countries like this exist.

Courtesy of BBC

The women’s refugee housing is full to the brim, female gang members are used as ‘honeypots’ to kill people, models are being targeted because they’re seen as ‘easy’ and female witness of crimes are being hunted down. This sounds like a plot to an apocalyptic film, but it’s just everyday life for the women of Honduras. As Stacey pointed out, if the equivalent number of murders were to happen in proportion to the UK’s population then 50,000 murders would happen here every year. 50,000! That just gives you an idea of the scale of the problem in Honduras.

I need to know when this disgusting mistreatment of women started, and this isn’t something that the documentary touched upon. If this behaviour has been going on for centuries then it’s understandable that change would be hard to enforce. But if it’s a relatively recent thing that started say in my generation then how did it start and why? This needs to be delved into in greater depth. I hope the BBC produce a documentary investigating this further to really help us understand how this inhumane community has come into being.

Courtesy of BBC and Daily Mail: Heydi Hernandez's husband attacked her with a machete but it's very unlikely that he will ever get a prison sentence.
Courtesy of BBC: Heydi Hernandez’s husband attacked her with a machete but it’s very unlikely that he will ever get a prison sentence.

But aside from that, now that the truth has been unveiled and BBC Three’s viewers know exactly what is happening in Honduras, what are we going to do about it? We can’t just forget about it because we switched off the TV and went to bed in our safe little bubbles of life. We have to stand up for the female race, and humanity, and say this is not acceptable. We will not just stand by and let so many women be killed, maimed and raped by men.

Several petitions have been launched in the past, but to no avail, so I’ve started a petition which you can find here. The British government are pretty useless at getting involved in other countries’ problems but this is not just an issue, this is a genocide of the female race. Please sign the petition to force the government of Honduras to prosecute the men who are killing women every day.

You can watch the documentary for the next 29 days by clicking here.


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