What a turnaround: Week three of the LDNM Bikini Guide (take two)

They say it takes three weeks for something to become a routine and after this week I can definitely vouch for that theory. This week was my second attempt at the third week of the LDNM Bikini Guide V3 and it was a completely polar opposite experience to what I went through the first time. You may remember last week was completely atrocious because I didn’t stick to the plan as well as I had done the previous two weeks, but that was mainly due to lack of sleep depleting my willpower and motivation (all my own fault).

I was determined to turn it around for take two and I’m proud to say I’ve done just that! (Apart from a few treats which I will talk about in a bit). The guide is so ingrained in my life now that most of the time I forget that I am technically on a plan; it feels like my normal life. The Bikini Guide has become so much a part of my routine that I can normally tell what my portion sizes should be just by looking. My poor weighing scales are becoming redundant.

Contrary to last week, this week I have made sure to get about eight hours of sleep every night which in turn has given me the energy to keep my motivation and moods running high. As soon as that Monday morning alarm startled me out of my deep slumber at 8am, I jumped straight into my trainers and headed to a Boxercise class at Bath’s YMCA gym. I know, crazy right? And not very like me at all, I love my lie-ins too much. But clearly you can change your way of life if you believe in yourself and have the motivation. After the class I said to myself: “Wow, what an amazing way to start a week. Mondays don’t have to be the depressing back-to-work day that it’s known to be.” I now love Mondays because they’re a chance for me to make a fresh start!

I realised that although I would naturally prefer a lie-in, by forcing myself to get up earlier I could fit in a fitness class before work and then also go to the gym in my lunch break, which meant two workouts in one day. This is not something I’ve ever done before but on the days when I have time to spare before work I am definitely going to stick to this routine as it can only be good for me. I did it this week on Monday and Tuesday, so I’m feeling great because I know I can push myself.

As far as the food side of the plan goes I stuck to it rigidly and as I mentioned, it’s part of my life now so I’m not struggling with it at all. The only thing I noticed that is probably keeping me from making the best progress, is my attitude towards my days off; especially weekends. Normally I don’t get weekends off, I just get random days off in the week, but this week I was luckily granted the weekend off and this is how it went:

Saturday – Breakfast with my mum at Carluccio’s, lunch with my mum and brother in Prezzo and dinner in ChimiChanga with my best friend Lauren (who by the way has an amazing successful fashion blog which you can view by clicking here).

Sunday – Dinner at my grandparents’ house followed by a scone with clotted cream and jam and some rum truffles.

You can see the pattern here right? When it came to having a weekend off I was so excited to get to spend some time with my family that I felt entitled to treat myself to foods I really wanted or wouldn’t normally eat. I know in myself that when I’m with my family I am having so much fun that I just want to let loose a bit and really go the whole hog (and then eat the whole hog).

On the days I’m working I don’t even dream about touching a bit of chocolate, but then when I taste the freedom of a day off work the freedom runs to the food isles of M&S. I know it’s bad, and I know that lots of people feel the same way, but I’m not sure how I can stop it. People with Monday to Friday jobs normally feel that on the weekend they can indulge in the chocolate and wine that they put off all week as they were munching down on spinach and quinoa. So even though it might not make a huge difference to eat a bit more on my days off, I know it’s not great because those are always my rest days too. And on rest days you shouldn’t eat as much, just because of the simple fact that you’re not doing as much exercise to burn it off.

This pumpkin and lobster pizza at Prezzo was definitely not my normal portion size. Why did I do it?
This pumpkin and lobster pizza at Prezzo was definitely not my normal portion size. But it was delicious nonetheless.

If you feel the same way please leave a comment, because I’d love to hear how I can get past these feelings. I don’t want  my days off, and my own stupid mindset of ‘I worked hard all week sticking to the plan so I deserve some treats’ to ruin my progress. We all know that sugar especially isn’t good for us and that it contributes directly to the belly fat that we all hate, so why do we still give in to it?

I’m happy with the plan though, so it feels like week four is going to be about me seeing if I can learn to curb these cravings and making sure that I keep getting up early to exercise before work. But hey, I’m only human so I know it might take a bit of time to really kick those bad habits and become 100% devoted to the Bikini Guide. Let me know how you’re getting on with your LDNM guide and we might be able to help eachother 🙂


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