I’m not perfect: My diabolical third week on the LDNM Bikini Guide

Okay so this week was a complete write-off. I know that I was getting on so well with the plan but due to a variety of reasons this week has been diabolical. But you know what? It’s okay because next week I’m going to repeat week three and make sure I give it my all this time.

It all started with the dreaded Monday. I was an hour and a half late for work because I had to go to the doctor’s, and then of course I wasn’t entitled to my normal 90 minute lunch break which meant no gym session for me. Tuesday I was determined to get back to it, so I did an upper body workout and enjoyed it as I expected. But as the week went on and I stupidly kept depriving myself of sufficient sleep, I was going downhill quickly. I managed to stick to the food part of the plan most of the time but I was getting too exhausted to meal prep and so wasn’t as strict with it. My gym sessions declined rapidly and I ended up only doing two workouts this week (a huge drop from my normal four to five!).

I actually gave in to chocolate which is not like me at all.
I actually gave in to chocolate which is not like me at all.

But I know that it is all my own fault. This wasn’t a case of ‘this plan is too hard to stick to’ because as mentioned in previous posts I know I can stick to the LDNM Bikini Guide V3 for a long time as I’m enjoying it. This week was the result of me not looking after myself, by staying up until the early hours of the morning on my new (and addictive) phone, and forgetting why I started this bikini guide in the first place; I forgot my motivation.

The good thing is this week has made me realise that I’m not perfect. Although I am determined to get my dream body, life doesn’t always go to plan and I feel it’s so important for other people to understand that; hence why I wanted to tell the truth in this blog post rather than make out that I was doing a great job. I refused to beat myself up about eating four slices of Domino’s and half a box of chocolates because as long as I am motivated to start over next week I can continue on my road to a lean body.

What a sight! It was heaven at the time but I don't want to see this again for a long time. Sorry Domino's.
What a sight! It was heaven at first but I don’t want to see this again for a long time. Sorry Domino’s.

So no I would not have made any progress this week but I will re-start week three from tomorrow with a new burst of willpower and at least eight hours of sleep every night without fail! Stay tuned for a new progress post every Sunday 🙂


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