Feeling leaner already: Week two of the LDNM Bikini Guide

Yep you read the title right, I am already feeling stronger and leaner after only two weeks on the LDNM Bikini Guide V3.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying I suddenly have abs but I do feel a bit slimmer, my muscles feel like they’re growing and my abs are burning. So I know I’m on the right track. It might be psychological but the plan does say that if you stick to it you’ll see some results in two weeks. Let’s see if my progress pictures back this up (please excuse the change in lighting):



I don’t know about you but I can definitely see a slight change already in the side shots because in week two you can see a little bit more definition on my stomach, where I suppose my abs are attempting to come through. I feel like I look more bloated in the week one picture, so I am very happy with this bit of progress so far.

Week two has involved me doing heavier weights, experimenting more with food and catching myself in the mirror every so often thinking “I’m sure my stomach has got a little bit flatter”. I don’t see myself falling off the ‘bandwagon’ at any time because there’s nothing to fall off of! It’s not like a diet where you get sick of it after a few weeks because you’re restricted to eating chicken and broccoli with a bit of fruit thrown in for good measure. I get to eat what I want (I even had pancakes the other day), and customise my workouts to some extent.

I’m actually not eating that much fruit at the moment, which is unlike me, but this is because the plan advises to restrict fruit intake as it is naturally sugary. So if you’re wondering what I’m eating on this plan, here’s an example:

Breakfast: Toast with almond butter and sliced banana + a protein shake

Mid morning: Porridge with peanut butter on top, raisins and coconut + a protein shake

Lunch: Chicken mayonnaise pasta salad

Dinner: Two small pork loin steaks, sweet potato mash and veg

Supper: Mini Weetabix, banana and bits of 70% dark chocolate + a protein shake

Even just typing all that has made me hungry. These are the awesome foods that I have chosen to eat and measured out to fit the macros the plan gave me. So it makes sense that a few weeks in I’m no where near ready to give up, because I’m enjoying it too much!

What a huge portion right? Portion sizes slightly change depending on whether you’ll be working out or not.

You’re supposed to have just five big meals a day and so I thought it would be a struggle not to snack, especially since I spend 40 hours a week sat at a desk. I was so wrong. A lifetime of snacking habits are unraveling before my eyes because I haven’t even been craving snacks at all since I started. Drinking a lot of water helps. I try to drink two litres a day, as this keeps me feeling full. But because I have to eat large amounts of protein and carbs I’m very rarely hungry anyway. What a dream!

I can’t see myself stopping this plan before the 18 weeks are up. The only downside is that my acne has started to flare up again in the last two weeks, and this hasn’t happened for years. I’m not sure if this is to do with the quantities I’m eating or the protein shakes that my body isn’t used to.

But although I hate seeing some of my spots come back, I am willing to keep going because I know it won’t last forever and if I get the body I want it’ll be so worth it. So I’m looking forward to seeing what week three brings. Let me know if you have any questions about taking on the Bikini Guide 🙂


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