How to enjoy a calorie-controlled diet (it IS possible!)

As mentioned in my previous post I’m currently eating 1,350 calories per day to get rid of a bit of extra body fat. This is not a crash diet and I don’t believe in these at all. What I’m doing is a tried and tested method for me of restricting my calories without suffering. So you have to make sure you find the way that works for you that’s realistic and focuses on eating nutritious foods.

Eating 1,350 calories a day works perfectly for me because I can still eat what I love, feel satisfied, treat myself sometimes, and still lose fat!

I started back on this ‘diet’ in the last week and already I feel energised, leaner, healthier and not bloated at all. I am going to continue with this for the foreseeable future until I decide to bulk again (at which point I’ll have to eat a lot more to build muscle).

So if you’re on a similar calorie-controlled diet, you’re struggling to find ideas of what to eat without being too restrictive and you want to know how to distribute the calories throughout the day, here’s an example of a typical day that I find enjoyable and easy to follow:

Breakfast: 215 calories
1 Weetabix with a medium sized banana (approx 130g) and 150ml of Alpro coconut milk

Mid morning snack: 160 calories
1 pack (2 slices) of Mcvities’ blueberry and porridge oat bakes

Lunch: 255 calories
1/2 pack Ainsley Harriett’s tabbouleh couscous (86g) with aubergine (55g), courgette (120g), peppers (86g) and chunks of sweet potato (90g)

Afternoon/post-workout snack: 275 calories
CNP chocolate orange protein flapjack

Dinner: 327 calories
1/2 pack Morrison’s stir fry veg with 1/2 sachet of their own brand sweet and sour sauce, egg noodles (100g) and some chicken (50g)

Evening snack: 115 calories
Total 0% greek yoghurt (100g) with strawberries (80g) and blueberries (45g)

Total daily calorie intake = 1347

The above is an example and you must make sure you change some of the things you eat every other day so that you don’t get bored and slip into bad habits. Also note how you don’t have to do the whole ‘low carb’ thing because trust me not only are low fat and low carb diets bad for you but you soon get fed up of them and go back to your old routine; they’re not the way forward!

As you can see you can eat great meals and snacks as long as you eat the right portion sizes – you can find out more about this in my last post.

Make sure you evenly distribute the calories between meals and snacks so that you feel satisfied during the day and evening. It’s also important to get active so that you burn even more calories and therefore burn more fat (more detail on this to come in my next post).

If you’d like any more examples leave me a comment below. Happy eating!


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