The year that changed my life…

I just realised it’s been exactly a year to the day that I made the decision to lose some weight – a year later and 14lbs lighter, here I am! So it seemed like the perfect time to kick start my new fitness posts that I’ve been asked to do from quite a few people in my life who have said ‘how did you do it?’ and the inevitable ‘how do you not eat chocolate?’.

Well first things first, I still have a long way to go (and I still eat chocolate a little too often) but what I never knew would happen this time a year ago is that I would get addicted to living a healthier, more active lifestyle. I’ve also gained sooooo much knowledge about food, nutrition and exercise, what’s good to eat if you want to build lean muscle but lose fat, why calorie counting is crucial, what exercises burn the most fat over time… and this list goes on.

My 'transformation'
My ‘transformation’

But the most amazing thing I’ve learnt that tops all of this off, is that once you embrace a healthy lifestyle and the pounds start dropping off you find that you have more confidence then you even thought possible! For someone who used to eat a large Dominoes pizza or two every week during their third year of university, who couldn’t plank for more than 10 seconds, and who dreaded exercise more than hell, this is life changing and not to mention hugely liberating. So I want to help you feel the same way!

Of course there have been many ups and downs and I haven’t stopped eating junk food, in fact I had a Dominoes last night, but the difference is that I understand how the food I eat affects my wellbeing and how to change the way my body looks; and you can do the same.

So in my posts to follow I will be sharing tips, tricks, meal and exercise ideas, recipes and my break down of the latest health related news and trends, in order to help you with your fitness journey! I’m not a qualified personal trainer or nutritionist, just a normal 23 year old girl who has tried pretty much everything and has a wealth of knowledge to pass on PLUS who’s a Customer Coach for the fitness membership company MoveGB 🙂

I look forward to helping you out in any way I can, I still have some work to do to get to the body that I want too so feel free to ask me any questions and enjoy this fitness journey with me! (p.s you can also follow me on Twitter @journoSaf)



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